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CCPIT Chongqing Overview

To apply for trademarks and patents registration for Chinese enterprises in foreign countries and foreign enterprises and individuals in China; to provide legal advices and consultation services about industrial property right and intellectual property, and to mediate international technology and trade dispute for Chinese and foreign enterprises.

To handle economic investigation and information collection, classification and distribution work both in and abroad; to provide economic and trade cooperation and information for relevant enterprises and organizations, as well as consultation services and credit standing respectability investigation both in and abroad; to assist in debt collection in international trade; to foster various forms of economic and technical exchange with foreign business circles; to handle assessment and feasibility study of economic cooperation, as well as legal consultation and advice.

To manage and coordinate in the work of branch offices of CCPIT Chongqing and CCOIC Chongqing; to provide membership training and service for branch offices and membership enterprises.

To handle municipal Party Committee, Municipal government and CCPIT(CCOIC)'s task and missions.

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