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CCPIT Chongqing Overview

An Overview of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chongqing Committee


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Chongqing Committee was set up in 1983. It is composed of dignitaries, enterprises, associations and organizations from Chongqing's economic and trade circles. Its main business covers:

To handle international liaison work with foreign economic and trade circles, chamber of commerce and economic organizations; to invite and host foreign economic, trade and technical delegations and professionals to visit Chongqing; to organize Chongqing's economic, trade, finance, entrepreneur and technical delegations to go abroad for visiting, business talks, technology exchange and project cooperation, and to attend international events; to contact with the offices of corresponding organizations and foreign chamber of commerce in China; to organize Chongqing companies to attend business discussion, seminar and public lecture about technical cooperation and legal affairs; to organize Chongqing management and technical personnels to attend overseas training; to handle with export of laber services.

To participate in international economic and trade exhibition on behalf of Chongqing; to host economic and trade fairs and international fairs overseas; to arrange Chongqing's enterprises to attend foreign technical seminars.

To organize and host technical and trade seminars and exchange meetings between Chongqing and other countries; to display and exhibit literature and new product samples, as well as various overseas publications on science and technology; to host international and professional exhibitions.

To host and assist in foreign investment attraction seminars organized by Chongqing counties and districts; to manage and promote non-governmental funds and investment introduction.

To handle international economic and trade arbitration and other legal affairs; to issue and legalize documents on foreign trade and transportation such as certificate of origin, force majeure and ATA etc.; to offer services for attestations made by foreign embassies and consulates.

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