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Internal Department

Admin office

Responsible for daily administrative affairs, such as message operations, secretarial work, news release, governmental information, confidential security, document management, network information coordination management and so on; supervision and examination of work from municipal Party Committee, municipal government and CCPIT, and the orders from its leaders and meeting decision-makings; coordination in all departments' work; organization and coordination in big events and reception; personnel management, cadre assessment, personnel salary, and professional position appraisal; Party committee affairs, cadre organization, discipline inspection, retired personnel management; logistic work, family planning, security management and fixed-assets management; other affairs ordered from leaders.

Director: Liang Youyu

Deputy Director: Lv Weimin

TEL:023-67770855   FAX:023-67870373


Information & Liaison Dept.

Develop relations with foreign countries (regions) chambers of commerce, other economic organizations, and relevant international trade organizations; organize Chinese and foreign economic and trade delegations and business delegations to visit; help Chinese enterprises to explore the international market; organize meetings and other activities of various forms and scale. Responsible for the contact with foreign business groups, counterpart organizations and its agencies in China; study the economic and trade information in home and abroad; participate in and organize trade and investment promotion seminars, fairs and other exchange activities; carry out economic and trade information services, provide economic information consultation and trade and economic development services for governments and enterprises; take charge of the liaison work with the offices of CCPIT in each country, organize and co-organize investment promotion seminars in Chongqing and the districts (autonomous counties, cities).

Director: Zou Hang

TEL: 023-67759038     FAX: 023-67877063


Exhibition Dept.

Responsible for organizing, coordinating, supervising, approving, and managing Chongqing's enterprises to participate in international economic and trade fairs or exhibitions, and holding economic and trade fairs in foreign countries and regions; responsible for guiding and arranging economic and trade fairs, technical seminars, product displays, as well as kinds of domestic exhibitions that are sponsored by our department or organized on behalf of the foreign countries or regions; carry out the business communication and agency service with exhibitions institutions at home and abroad; responsible for contacting with associations and exhibition institutions at home and abroad, developing and implementing exhibition plans, organizing and coordinating districts, counties (autonomous counties, cities), and branches of all industries to take part in exhibitions at home and abroad; conduct theoretical study of exhibition, collect exhibition information, provide services related to the exhibition, such as information consultant and business training.

Director: Yang Xuchao

Deputy Director: Long Yueke

TEL: 023-67728961    FAX: 023-67870372


Council Affairs Dept. (CCOIC Secretariat)

Responsible for the establishment, coordination, guidance and service work for the districts, counties, and industrial branches; responsible for contacting with commissioners and special advisors and the related daily work; organize annual work conference, councils, respective congresses of members and the meetings related to Chongqing Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC); undertake the work of CCOIC Secretariat, and responsible for the daily affairs during the intersession of the respective congresses of members; responsible for development, coordination, and management of member companies; responsible for the coordination of sub-branches and the training work for member companies; edit related publications.

Deputy Director: Cao Pengcheng

TEL: 023-67877006     FAX: 023-67722788


Law Dept.

Responsible for the coordination and communication work with Southwest branch of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission; agent or deal with international economic and trade arbitration and maritime arbitration; mediate foreign economic and trade disputes; apply for trademarks and patents registration in foreign countries on behalf of Chinese enterprises, and apply for trademarks and patents registration in China on behalf of foreign enterprises; issue certificate of origin for Chinese export goods and proof of force majeure; issue and approve international trade documents; apply for consular certification as an agency; provide the relevant documents for temporary outbound personnel; handle the ATA documents for enterprises; issue preferential certificate of origin for Chinese export goods; responsible for the daily work of Chongqing office of Average Adjustment; organize training and lecture about foreign legal affairs, and provide consultation service about the international commercial law.

Deputy Director: Yu Guangjian

TEL: 023-67079282      FAX: 023-67712745

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