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Introduction of CCPIT Mediation Center


CCPIT/CCOIC Chongqing Mediation Center (Chongqing Mediation Center for short) is a permanent mechanism that helps parties home and abroad to resolve commercial or maritime disputes independently and impartially by the way of mediation.


Chongqing Mediation Center was founded in September 1993, under the approval of CCPIT and Chongqing Municipal People's Government. According to the spirit of the approval of Chongqing Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, Chongqing Mediation Center is a public service unit.

Chongqing Mediation Center has been working effectively in comply with the national and regional reform and opening up and the improvement of the socialist market economy since its establishment. Meanwhile, the Mediation Center of CCPIT system continues to grow stronger and forms a huge network of mediation, with 42 branch mediation centers set up in provinces, cities, autonomous regions and some other important cities. Every center employs unified rules of the mediation, under the guidance of CCPIT Mediation Center in business.


Chongqing Mediation Center accepts cases according to the mediation agreement between the parties; it's admissible that the application of one party is agreed by the other party if without mediation agreement. Chongqing Mediation Center offers the list of mediators for the parties to choose in individual cases. Chongqing Mediation Center employs fair and honest persons with specialized knowledge and / or practical experience in such sectors as economy, trade, finance, security, investment, intellectual property, technology transfer, real estate, project contracting, transportation, insurance, and other commercial and maritime fields and / or legal field; the center drafts the ‘Code of Mediators' to further clarify the responsibilities and obligations of mediators, guaranteeing the impartiality and effectively of mediation. 


In the mediation process, the mediator respects the Autonomy of the parties, and carry out the mediation work on the basis of identifying right form wrong and clarifying responsibilities, respecting contracts, judging by law, referring to international conventions, and combining the principle of equitable and reasonable, in order to help the parties to achieve mutual understanding and reconciliation, and strive to finally reach win-win situation and maintain lasting cooperation and long-term interests of both parties. After long-term endeavors, the center so far has accepted more than 200 cases with mediation success rate of more than 80%.


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