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Argentine ICBC Foundation pays a visit to CCPIT Chongqing

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In the morning of Nov. 4th, a delegation of 23 persons from Argentine ICBC Foundation paid a visit to us CCPIT Chongqing, and Mr. Wei, the secretary general, met with our guests.

Mr. Wei extended warm welcome to our Argentine friends. He made a brief introduction about the main function and services of CCPIT Chongqing. And then we introduced the general information about Chongqing. The delegation expressed their strong interests and exchanged views on the five functional districts, pillar industries, Go West Policy, and the international trade between Chongqing and Argentina.

Ms. Emma told us this is their third visit to China and the first visit to Chongqing, and during this stay in China, they will visit Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Shanghai. But Chongqing is the only city in West China they choose to visit, which fully show their high attention to Chongqing. The members of this delegation are mainly form ICBC Foundation, chambers of commerce, export and imports trade companies, and some manufacturing enterprises. During the talks, Argentina hopes to strengthen cooperation between Chongqing in such sectors as food, automobile and motorcycle parts, electronic products, bioengineering, and culture industry.

During their stay in Chongqing, we arrange them to have in-depth communications with Chongqing Free Trade Port Area, a University, and a trade company.

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