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Chairman Chen meets with the delegation of American AMT

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In the evening of Nov. 12th, Chairman Chen met and dined with the president Douglas Woods, vice president Peter Eelman, and China Chief Representative LI Xingbin, who come from the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT).

Firstly, Chairman Chen extended his warm welcome to Mr. Woods, and elaborated on the five pillar industries of Chongqing by hearing that this was the first time for the president and the vice president to visit Chongqing, especially talked about the importance position of Chongqing’s automobile & motorcycle industry and manufacturing industry in our country. Chen stressed that there are many cooperation opportunities between Chongqing and AMT as a result of Chongqing’s industrial characteristics, and will provide help for AMT’s member companies to come to find business chances in Chongqing and to start business here. Chen sincerely invited AMT to set up a branch office in Chongqing to provide better services for his member companies to explore market in West China. During the talks, Chen also invited AMT to organize their members to participate in some exhibitions hosted in Chongqing, such as China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition. Heard about Chen’s introduction and invitation, Mr. Wood expressed that they will take Chongqing into the consideration of their office selection. At the same time, Mr. Woods said they are planning to host a machinery exhibition in Chongqing and hope that we can provide our help for them.

Headquartered in Washington D.C. America, AMT provides services for enterprises that engage in the equipment and technology of machine tools, machinery manufacturing. Since its establishment in 1902, AMT has developed into the most important organization that serves for the machine tool and machinery manufacturing enterprises.

During their stay in Chongqing, Mr. Woods and his colleagues also visited Zongshen Industrial Group and Chongqing International Expo Center by our CCPIT’s arrangement.

Secretary General Mr. Wei Wanchun and Information & Liaison Dept. joint Chairman Chen to the meeting.

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