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Chairman Chen Yu visits the Consulates General of Japan, Philippines, and Denmark

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During Feb. 20th to 21st, accompanied by the directors of Admin Office and Liaison Department, Chairman Chen Yu paid a visit to the Consulates General of Japan, Philippines, and Denmark, and carried out positive and fruitful talks on promoting the cooperation between Chongqing and Japan, Philippines, and Denmark in the field of trade and investment. During the talks, Mr. Chen specially recommended the cooperative projects of Chongqing Commercial Investment Group and projects in Liangping County.


During the talk with the Philippine Consul-General, the two sides had reached a consensus on pushing Philippine fruits to enter Chongqing market and holding some thematic activities about two-way investment. Chairman Chen pointed out that the two projects of Chongqing Commercial Investment Group can play as the important platform for Philippine products to enter in Chongqing and the surrounding markets. While talking about the motorcycle industry, the Consul-General noted that there are a lot of opportunities about marketing in Philippines and in ASEAN countries, and he is willing to support us to invite the relative Philippine enterprises to participate in the CIMAMotor that organized by CCPIT Chongqing. During the talking with Danish Consulate General, both agreed that it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation in agriculture, architectural design, and so on. All parties expressed to strengthen the information exchange, especially the information about the exhibitions and conventions.

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