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The Co-Founder & CEO of ASLI and CCPIT visit Chongqing

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Mr. Michael Yeoh, the Co-Founder & CEO of the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) visited Chongqing from March 10-13 at the invitation of CCPIT Chongqing, joint with his two colleagues and other two leaders from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). During his stay in Chongqing, they met with the Vice Mayor, had a discussion with our leader of CCPIT Chongqing, and visited some convention centers and hotels, so as to prepare for “the 6th World Chinese Economic Forum” that will be held in this December in Chongqing.


In the morning of March 11th, Vice Mayor Liu Qiang met with Mr. Michael Yeoh, indicating Chongqing will make efforts to assistant the forum with the first class convention facilities and the experience of many successful conferences.


In the morning of March 12th, Chairman Chen of CCPIT Chongqing, Secretary-General Wei Wanchun and Information Department had a formal discussion and exchanged ideas with Mr. Michael Yeoh about the details of the forum, including venue, schedule, speech theme, industrial parks to visit, kinds of expenses of the forum.


During their stay in Chongqing, CCPIT Chongqing accompanied the delegation to visit the potential venues and facilities for the forum, and Liangjiang New Area, etc.

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