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Chairman Chen meets with the General Manager of Southwest Chapter of EUCCC

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In the afternoon of March 24th, Chairman Chen Yu met with the General Manager Ms. Min L. Colinot and her colleague of Southwest Chapter of EUCCC (the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China) in the office of CCPIT Chongqing. Firstly, Chairman Chen made a brief introduction of CCPIT’s three major functions, including international liaison, convention and exhibition services, and legal services. He suggested establishing information exchange mechanism with EUCCC. He also hopes that the Southwest Chapter of EUCCC can bring more enterprises to invest in Chongqing. Ms. Min L. Colinot proposed to conduct more cooperation with CCPIT Chongqing in the future work, for there are many similarities in the kinds of activities hold by he Southwest Chapter of EUCCC and CCPIT Chongqing. During the meeting, the both side carried on thorough exchanges about the member companies, the current work situation, and the major events. And the two sides agreed to exchange respective publications regularly.


The secretary-general Wei Wanchun and the director of Liaison Department attended the meeting as well.

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