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Chairman Chen visits the Consulate General of Canada

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In the morning of April 10th, Chairman Chen Yu paid a visit to the Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing, accompanied by the personel from Admin Office and Liaison Department. Firstly, Chairman Chen briefly introduced the major functions of CCPIT Chongqing, the demand of Chongqing’s enterprises, the agricultural investment project in Liangping County, and the two projects of Chongqing Commercial Investment Group: Chaotianmen International Trade City and Shuangfu Wholesale Market of Agricultural Products. Consul-General Mr. Philippe Rheault extended his appreciation for Chairman Chen’s visit, and gave us brief information about the projects about tourism and environment protection, as well as the convenience of getting a Canadian visa. The two sides also exchanged view sincerely about how to deepen economic and trade exchanges, set up the information exchange mechanism, and the organization of business delegations, etc. During the talk, the both reached the consensus of strengthening contact and deepening cooperation, so as to bring the condition for mutual complementarity and win-win results.

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