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Chairman Chen Yu Meets With Officials from Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

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In the afternoon of April 24th, Chairman Chen Yu met with Mr. William Wang, the director of Greater China, Ministry of Economy, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada. Mr. William Wang was joined by Mr. Rick Musleh, who is responsible for business development in Saskatchewan’s energy sector.


Firstly, Chairman Chen introduced the main responsibilities of CCPIT Chongqing, and the important economic and trade activities this year. Chen proposed to set up an information exchange mechanism with Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, in order to actively promote the cooperation between Chongqing and Saskatchewan in the field of trade and investment. Mr. William Wang expressed his appreciation for CCPIT Chongqing’s warm reception and considerate arrangement of the symposium with Chongqing-based enterprises. Then he talked about the basic information of Saskatchewan, the duty of Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, and the present economic and trade information between Saskatchewan and Greater China.


After the meeting, Mr. Wang and Mr. Musleh held a panel discussion with more than 10 Chongqing-based companies, who are mainly engaged in agriculture, mining industry, and energy industry. Secretary General Mr. Wei Wanchun addressed the meeting. Then, Mr. Wang introduced the basic information of the three industries in Saskatchewan. The Chongqing enterprises had strong interests in investing Saskatchewan, and they carried on in-depth exchange of view with the officials from Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy afterwards.


Persons in charge of Liaison Department, and Member Affairs Department took part in this meeting. Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing also attended the symposium at the invitation of Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy.

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