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Vice Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian Meets with Ms. Laura Barajas, the Executive Director of Chengdu Office of CHICC

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In the afternoon of May 6th, Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CHICC)Chengdu Office Executive Director Ms. Laura Barajas and her colleague visited us, and Vice Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian met with the visiting guests.


Firstly, Mr. Deng introduced the economic development of Chongqing, the unique position in the Midwest area and the economic radiation ability, the regional advantage in the national strategy - “the silk road economic belt” that was launched by central government, the broad prospect of the economic & trade cooperation between Chongqing and Colombia as well as the great opportunities of the cooperation between the enterprises from two sides. Colombia enjoys abundant resources such as gold ore, coal mine, and emerald, and is the third biggest exporter of coffee. Chongqing has many big enterprises and groups, who have rich experience in mining and advanced mining equipments, and also has large coffee consumption market and market radiation ability. During the talk, both sides agreed to strengthen the cooperation in the mineral products and coffee industry, and organize business mission to have field visit the agricultural and mining industry in Colombia in due time. Then, Mr. Deng recommended the relative international exhibitions and economic & trade events that will be held this year in Chongqing. Ms. Laura Barajas appreciated the valuable information that Mr. Deng provided, and briefly introduced the investment environment and preferential policies in Colombia. Besides, she expressed that she will spare no effort to help the enterprises of two sides to get connected and achieve cooperation.


Ms. Zou, the director of Liaison Department also attended this meeting.

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