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CCPIT Chongqing Delegation to Thailand to Explore the Fruit and Agricultural Products Market

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In a bid to promote the cooperation in the trade and production of fruits and vegetables between Shuangfu Agricultural Trade City of Chongqing Commercial Investment Group and Thailand, on the invitation of DITP (Development of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government), a five persons delegation led by Vice Chairman of CCPIT Chongqing Mr. Deng Wennian and joined by Commercial Investment Group visited Thailand during May 19th and 23rd. During the stay in Thailand, the delegation successively paid a visit to Thai Fresh Traders and Exporters Association, Thaifruit & Vegetable Producer Association, DITP, Talaadthai (Thai Agro Exchange Co. Ltd), and attended THAIFEX – World of Food Asia 2014, as well as conducted match-making with Thai exhibitors who engage in fruits, vegetables, rice, and aquatic products. Delegation highlighted the fruit market in Chongqing and in the whole Midwest China, the market radiation ability of Chongqing in the southwest and Midwest regions, and Chongqing’s port policy of importing Thai fruit and the preferential policies supported by Chongqing Commercial Investment Group for attracting investment. In particular, the project - Shuangfu Agricultural Trade City was introduced to Thai counterparts and enterprises, as well as the invitation for the Thaifruit producers to invest in Shuangfu Agricultural Trade City. And Thai fruit and vegetable producers expressed a keen interest in Chongqing had become the designated port of imported fruits, a series of preferential and supportive policies that Chongqing has launched to develop its ecological agriculture, and some Thai enterprises expressed the hope to field visit Shuangfu Agricultural Trade City in the near future.


This visit to Thailand has successfully promoted the investment environment in Chongqing, recommended the Chongqing Commercial Investment Group and its Shuangfu Agricultural Trade City project, and receives positive respond from Thai relative counterparts, professional associations and Chantaburi government, which laid a solid foundation for carrying out specific cooperative projects in the next step.

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