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In the morning of Jan. 14th, Chairman Mr. Chen Yu met Mr. Francis Ho, the associate director of InvestHK of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, exchanged ideas about how to boost Chongqing enterprises to invest Hong Kong and expand overseas investment through Hong Kong.

Chairman Chen firstly briefed the functions, the administration structure and main tasks of CCPIT Chongqing Committee. Based on the function of InvestHK, Chairman raised the idea to jointly hold economic & trade activities in Chongqing, organize Chongqing companies to visit HK, and exchange economic & trade information by our magazine, website and other ways to strengthen the cooperation between us and InvestHK, to better help Chongqing enterprises to invest HK, especially invest in other countries through the platforms in HK.

Associate director Ho affirmed with Chairman Chen’s suggestions, hoped mainland enterprises to set up platforms for overseas investment, to reduce the risk of direct overseas investment. During the meeting, the two sides exchanged ideas on the activities that will be held in this year.

Vice-Chairman Mr. Deng Wennina also attended this meeting.

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