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In the morning of Mar. 10th, the Regional Director of West China Group of International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) Mr. Kenneth Teck Leong and his colleagues visited CCPIT Chongqing, Vice-Chairman Deng Wennian received the guests.


Firstly, Vice-Chairman Deng introduced the functions of CCPIT Chongqing, institutional framework, and the work direction of CCPIT Chongqing in 2015. Regional Director Kenneth Teck Leong introduced the main tasks of IE Singapore, the main clients and the priorities of this year.


Later, the two sides exchanged ideas on the logistics, equity trading, and Chongqing bonded ports, etc. The two sides agreed to maintain the steady contact and communication and to promote more substantive cooperation between Chongqing and Singapore by focusing on the economic development and conducting matchmakings for two places’ companies.

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