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During March 11th to 13th, Vice-Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian headed the personnel of Information and Liaison Dept. visited Ms. Amna Baloch, the Consul General of the Consulate General of Pakistan Chengdu, Dr. Gerold Amelung, the Consul General of the Consulate General of Germany Chengdu, Mr. Jeff Turner, the Consul General of Australia Chengdu, Mr. Chong Yun Jang, the Director of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation Chengdu Representative Office, Ms. Segree Dai, the Chief Executive Officer of EU Project Innovation Centre Chengdu, and Ms. Eileen Wang, the Manager of Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council.

Vice Chairman Deng expressed his gratitude for the support and cooperation that the consulates and organizations had provided for CCPIT Chongqing and for the open economy construction of Chongqing, carefully introduced the ten new industries that Chongqing plans to focus on and the development of the pillar industries of Chongqing, such as automobile and motorcycle, equipment manufacturing, petrochemicals, materials, and IT; promoted the big events that will be held in Chongqing, including CCISF, CIMA Motor, and the Logistics Exhibition; especially introduced the key jobs of CCPIT Chongqing, for example, we plans to build a “national platform for the promotion of international trade and investment” in 2015 according to the national strategic plan of “One Belt and One Road”; and raised views on how to enhance the cooperation between CCPIT Chongqing and Consulates and Organizations in 2015 and the further future. The Consulates and Organizations gave great importance to the visit of CCPIT Chongqing and warmly received us, agreed with the cooperation intention and method that raised by CCOPT Chongqing, and introduced the their competitive industries and investment environment, etc. The parties expressed great interests on the bilateral cooperation and exchange in economic trade and culture, and had in-depth discussion on how to conduct the specific work of cooperation.

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