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In the morning of April 15th, Mr. Marco Fedato, the Director of Invest in Lombardy of Milan Chamber of Commerce, headed a delegation of 4 persons visited CCPIT Chongqing, including Mr. Olerigo Fantacci, the representative of Deloitte, and Mr. Andre Faini, the CEO of World Capital. Vice Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian met with guests.

Firstly, Vice Chairman Deng briefly introduced the industrial development of Chongqing, promoted the important exhibitions such as CCISF, CIMA Motor, and International Logistics Exhibition, especially introduced the related information about the Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railway Line, had in-depth exchange and discussion with the guests on the collaboration foundation, conditions, prospects, and mode between Chongqing and Italy, especially Lombardy, and raised suggestions on carrying out the cooperation with Lombardy in the competitive industries, such chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy, automobile & motorcycle, fashion industry, etc. Mr. Fedato introduced the main functions of Invest in Lombardy of Milan Chamber of Commerce and the investment opportunities in Lombardy, the Deloitte and the World Capital expressed the desire to cooperate with Chongqing companies and help Chongqing enterprises operate their business in Italy. The two sides also discussed on the cooperation between both organizations including information exchange, mutual visit and match-making, and pragmatically promotion of economic and trade cooperation between Chongqing and Lombardy. They coordinated the economic and trade interactions that could be held in the “Chongqing Day” during the Milan Expo between the governments and the enterprises, and the specific support that we need Milan Chamber of Commerce to provide for us.  

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