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In the morning of June 1st, the “China (Chongqing)-Iran & Azerbaijan Economic and Trade Exchange” was successfully held at CCPIT Chongqing Committee. This meeting was attended by 7 officials and entrepreneurs from Iran and Azerbaijan, and nearly 40 enterprises from Chongqing.


This meeting was jointly organized by CCPIT Chongqing Committee and Chongqing International Culture Exchange Center, and was hosted by the Director this Center. The Secretary-General of CCPIT Chongqing Committee Mr. Wei Wanchun briefly introduced the latest trade information of Chongqing and the major functions of CCPIT Chongqing Committee. Representatives from Iran and Azerbaijan respectively introduced their economic development, investment environment, as well as the sectors and specific projects to explore cooperation with Chongqing enterprises. In the meeting, Irani FTNT Group, Azerbaijan SV Group and Chongqing Jiubai Import & Export Corporation signed a tripartite agreement. Later, Chongqing and foreign enterprises had one by one communication and negotiation.

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