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On July 22nd, Vice-Chairman Ms. Cheng Yao headed a delegation of more than 10 persons to pay a visit to the Veneto Promozione, Italy. Ms. Piva, the China Regional Director, and Mr. Stafani, the Director of International Relations, received us.


Vice-Chairman Cheng firstly briefed the functions of CCPIT Chongqing Committee and the latest industrial development of Chongqing. The associate director of Jiangbei Commercial District Mr. Wu Ke and the director of Rongchang MOFCOM Mr. Jiang Sheng made brief promotion respectively focusing on introducing Italian brands and exporting cultural heritage products. Later, Ms. Piva expressed her congratulation on the success of holding “Chongqing Day”, and thanks for inviting them to attend relative activities. She noted that people better understand Chongqing’s economic development and some special local food and handicraft through such events. The Italian officials also introduced the pillar industries of Veneto Region and the economic and trade information between Veneto and China. Currently, Veneto had set up sister-city with Heibei Province and Jiangsu Province. They very value the cooperation with Chongqing, and will have 3 delegations to visit Chongqing this year. During the talks, two sides made consensus on promoting the cooperation in the fields of agriculture, environment protection and relics repairing, and proposed to sign a cooperation agreement between two organizations in due time.

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