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In the morning of Sep. 24th, CCPIT Chongqing and Australian Business Chamber (ACCI) co-organized “ChAFTA and Opportunities Workshop” in Chongqing. Vice Chairman Deng Wennian and China Practice Senior Manager of ACCI Ms. Sara Cheng attended this workshop and delivered their speeches. The officials from the Chengdu office and Wuhan office of Austrade unscrambled the policies of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, introduced some products and industries of Australia, and promoted the investment environment of Australia. This meeting was also attended by more than 20 entrepreneurs of Chongqing companies, such as Tianen, Zhongji Import & Export, Haitao International Trade, etc. The director of Information and Liaison Department of CCPIT Chongqing Ms. Zou Hang chaired this workshop.


During the meeting, CCPIT Chongqing and ACCI signed the MOU, agreeing to jointly promote the cooperation in trade and investment between Chongqing and Australian companies. Founded in 1825, ACCI headquartered in Sydney with 18000 member companies, known as the second biggest chamber in the world.


Some representative products of Australia were exhibited on this workshop too, such as diary products, wine, UGG, and cosmetics.


The related leaders of Information & Liaison Dept, Conference Dept, Exhibition Dept, and Law Dept of CCPIT Chongqing took part in this workshop too.

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