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In the morning of Oct. 21ST, the vice president of Hwaseong CCI Mr. Go Hee-Jun and his colleagues paid a visited to our CCPIT Chongqing. Vice Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian received the guests.


Firstly, Mr. Deng introduced the overall information, the construction of open economy, the industrial advantages and the location advantages of Chongqing to the guest, raised a series of thinking and suggestions about how to promote the cooperation between the two sides, discussed the cooperation possibility of promoting Korean enterprises to invest in the China-Korea industry park, and especially introduced “the 2nd China Chongqing International Logistics Exhibition”. The vice president Mr. Go Hee-Jun briefly introduced the characteristics of the city Hwaseong, the economic development, the industrial tendency, and the main functions of Hwaseong CCI, expressed the desire to get our support to operate the business and explore the market for their “member company delegation in West China”.


The two sides had reached a consensus on how to promote the friendly exchange, pragmatic cooperation, and enhance the exchange and cooperation between our two organizations: firstly, jointly hold matchmaking and seminars for companies from two sides; second, actively boost the mutual visit of the representatives of companies; third, deepen the technical exchange and cooperation; fourth, actively organize companies to participate in the exhibitions held in Chongqing; fifth, exchange the economic and trade information, keep information unblocked; sixth, sign a strategic cooperation agreement, promoting the development of two-way investment and trade.


Information & Liaison Dept. and Meeting Affairs Dept. attended this meeting too.


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