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CCPIT Chongqing Vice Chairman Deng Wennian met with Officials of ICPIT

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On May 20, CCPIT Chongqing Vice Chairman Deng Wennian met with Mr. Vahid Farmand, Director of Iran Council for the Promotion of International Trade (ICPIT), South-China Office.


Mr. Deng Wennian introduced Chongqing’s economic development, industry characteristics, logistic advantages and CCPIT Chongqing’s functions to the guest. He also recommended Mr. Farmand to attend the International Logistics Exhibition to be held in Chongqing in November. Mr. Farmand introduced Iran’s economic and trade development, rich natura resources and ICPIT’s main functions. During the talk, both sides exchanged views on how to strengthen inter-institutional cooperation between Chongqing and Iran in energy, automobile & motorcycle, electronics, and tourism.

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