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CCPIT Chongqing Vice Chairman Deng Wennian Meets with Chief Representatives of JETRO

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On June 2, Deng Wennian, Vice Chairman of CCPIT Chongqing met with Mr. Okada Eiji, Chief Representative of Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Chongqing Office. Both sides exchanged views on how to promote the cooperation between Chongqing and Japan in the elderly care service field. Deng Wennian said, “Japan has very good experience in developing the elderly care industry. To better promote the relevant industries in Chongqing, especially in the construction and management of nursing homes and the development of the elderly care products and elderly care, CCPIT Chongqing will actively promote the cooperation between the relevant industry institutions in Chongqing and Japan.” Both sides agreed to hold an elderly care industry exchange in Chongqing in due course. The work staff at the Office of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion of Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau also introduced the basic information about the development of Chongqing’s elderly care industry.

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