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Intl Trade Meeting of Timber and Furniture Manufacturing btw Chongqing and Thailand Successfully Held in Chongqing

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In the morning of June 22nd, the “International Trade Meeting of Timber and Furniture Manufacturing between Chongqing and Thailand” was successfully held in Chongqing. The meeting was organized together by the Chengdu Office of the Promotion of International Trade of Thai Ministry of Commerce, the Royal Thai Consulate General in Chengdu, and CCPIT Chongqing, and was co-organized by Chongqing Association of Furniture. Vice-Chairman Mr. Deng Wennian and Commercial Consul Ms. Jitnipa Wangcherdchuwong delivered a brief speech on behalf of the Chinese and Thailand organizers respectively. The timber and furniture market in Chongqing and Thailand and the prospects for cooperation were introduced by the Vice-Chairman Mr. Wu Yingrong from the Chongqing Association of Furniture and the Chairman Mr. Sutin Ponchaisuree from Thailand Rubber Wood Association. This meeting was attended by almost 30 Chongqing representatives from more than 10 enterprises, such as Longso Furniture, Yumeng Furniture, Yisi Furniture and so on, also by 29 Thai representatives who engaged in the timber production. Focusing on the timber trade and processing, and the transport of timber, the two sides conducted one by one negotiation and deep exchange. After the meeting, the Thai delegation paid a visit to Chongqing Kaien International Furniture Shop.

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