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Jinduo company "Global Market" Collects exotic restaurants & bars and specialties over the world

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Chongqing Jinduo Investment Co. Ltd. is building exotic "Global Market" in the center of Chongqing -- Monument business center, the foreign exotic gourmet, special handicrafts and home decoration are collected here; The project received high attention of Chongqing municiple government, who will strongly support the project, make it become another special commercial spot in Chongqing. Now we are collecting foreign suppliers and investors to discuss cooperation.


Requirements as follow:

1. Exotic restaurants, bars, gourmet;

2. Exotic food, wine, specialties;

3. Exotic artwork, handicrafts, decoration;

4. Exotic foreign home decoration, etc.

Chongqing Jinduo Investment Co., Ltd is a personal owned company, which is registered by the government, and the owner has almost 20 years business experience. Jinduo focuses on the Commercial real estate development and operating, property management, business planning, and has the projects in Chongqing, Sichuan, and Dubai

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