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City complex building project in Linshui Economic Development Zone

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City complex building project

1. Project name: City complex building project in Linshui Economic Development Zone

2. Industry: City complex

3. Project contents: total area of 200 mu, building area of 500 thousand square meters, to introduce the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises into the central business district, to build a city complex integrating with large department stores, large supermarkets, international brand discount store, brand shops, a variety of shops, medical care, household porcelain, arts and crafts, clothing, shes and hats, home appliances, special local products, international food city, video game city, cinemas, and accommodations

4. Building condition: the project is planned to be built in the south part of Linshui Economic Development Zone, with perfect infrastructure, flat land, and convenient transportation

5. Estimated investment: the total investment of 850 million Yuan

6. The time fence of building and venue: 2012 – 2015 the Electromechanical Park in the south of Linshui Economic Development Zone

7. Cooperation mode: to utilize the investment of foreign enterprises or to jointly build

8. Economic results: 50 billion with profits and taxes of 2 million

9. Social benefits: the population will reach 87,000 after the build was completed, and the number of the enterprises will relatively increase as the size of the population grows larger in the zone

Contact Unit: Linshui Economic Development Zone

Project Manager: Du Xiaofu 

Tel: 0826-3218688

Fax: 0826-3218688

Address: No. 1, Xinlin Avenue, Linshui Economic Development Zone


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