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Linshui intersection (west exit) on Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway project

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1. Project name: Linshui intersection (west exit) on Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway project

2. Construction site: K1665+200 on Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway

3. Construction contents: build another expressway exit and new ramp works

4. Project background: The only exit (Zhoujia Taizi interchange) was built in Linshui County when building the first-phase of the Shanghai-Chengdu expressway between Guangyuan and Linshui, locating in the south of Linshui with less than 200 meters from the bus station of Linshui and the exit. The section of the highway was opened to traffic in December 2000, basically meeting the daily traffic flow of 2,000 cars. As the open of section between Dazhou and Chongqing of Baotou-Maoming expressway in June 2004, and the section between Linshui and Dianjiang of the second phrase of Shanghai-Chengdu expressway, the daily traffic flow rapid grew to 9,000 cars, brought great passing pressure to the county exit Zhoujia Taizi interchange.

5. Construction contents: According to the Linshui County general plan approved by the provincial government in 2010, the existing county exit should be rebuilt westward. After the site reconnaissance of the experts organized by the Linshui County, the proposed location is at K1665+200 (near the Fengjia Yakou, the 7th group of Tongxin village, North Town) on Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway. The distance between the new exit and the county will be about 4 kilometers after the completion of the new exit and connecting with the west line of the county.

6. Estimated investment: the estimated cost is 107 million Yuan

Contact unit: Linshui Bureau of Transportation

Contact person: Chen Huaming

Tel: 0826--3222731

Fax: 0826 - 3232226

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